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Phosphoproteomic Profiling of Renal Epithelial Cells

Transporters in renal epithelia can be regulated via a variety of mechanisms including post-translational modification of amino acid side chains at specific sites. Such modifications can result in changes in the transport properties of the target protein or in changes in the ability of the modified protein to interact with other proteins or membrane lipids. Among the many types of post-translational modification known, phosphorylation is of premier importance, playing central roles in virtually every signaling process affecting epithelial cell function. To generate new hypotheses about regulation of transport in kidney epithelia, we have carried out LC-MS/MS-based phosphoproteomics in native inner medullary collecting ducts (11, 8, 4), thick ascending limbs of Henle's loops (10), and proximal tubules (7) after biochemical isolation from rat kidneys. Studies have been extended to cultured mpkCCD collecting duct cells (9, 5, 2, 1), yielding new knowledge about pathways targeted by vasopressin. Data is made available via online databases.

Modeling vasopressin signaling. A major computational objective is to use the accrued phosphoproteomic data to create candidate signaling-network models that can explain how vasopressin drives the regulation of aquaporin-2 by effecting changes in Aqp2 gene transcription and membrane trafficking (6, 3).


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